a wild aeglus appears

Anonymous asked: What is the name of the color of the TOJ jacket you started posting on Nov 11th? It looks amazing, esp. with lace-ups and that leather bag. Great look.

Medium whiskey.  I think the color is my favorite on a TOJ jacket for me, but sadly it’s all gone already.

Anonymous asked: what do you do for a living? i notice that you mention that you work at parties/events..

Teach during the day party at night?

But really, I work part time jobs teaching during the weekdays as well as promoting and organizing for events.  During weekends I work directly at the venue and make sure everything is going smoothly to put things simply.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm actually a female who enjoys reading male style blogs/menswear blogs more than female ones -- in any case, I'm about to embark upon my own trip to Seoul to teach as well. What's the fashion blogging scene there like, and who takes your photos??

To be honest I don’t know much about it.  I know it exists and there are plenty of online magazines, smartphone apps, web stores, etc.  If you learn Korean well then it’ll be a lot easier to get information on it.

I take almost all of my own photos.  Anything inside a club isn’t mine but those pics are usually watermarked.

Anonymous asked: what will you be doing at your new job?

Basically just taking care of guests to put it simply.  People wanna party so we facilitate it!

Anonymous asked: How do you style the back of your hair in the morning? I have a similar hair cut and I am always fighting the top long layer of hair near the back, it always wants to stand straight up instead of lay back.

Use wax/hair spray and keep brushing it back until it stays in place.  My hair doesn’t do that but any problem can be solved with more wax.

Anonymous asked: How do you get your hair to do that?

Magic! and lots of product

Anonymous asked: What do you ask for when you get a haircut?

Buzz sides fade back clean/layer top.  Might have to start trimming the top a bit though, it’s long enough to completely cover my face now.

wonjaexhwang asked: What shirt size do you wear? button down etc

Heavily tapered M in uniqlo for button down and XL vneck in uniqlo.

Anonymous asked: I'm an interested in teaching English over in Korea. Any advise on where to begin my search for public/private employment opportunities?

Look on Craigslist, Worknplay, Dave’s ESL cafe to start.  Don’t expect to get an amazing job (too many teachers coming here lately).  Your main goal is going to be just getting in the country; if you stay a second year it will be a lot easier to find jobs while here.

Anonymous asked: In your line of work how much can a teacher teaching English in Korea make?

Depends how many hours you’re willing to work and your qualifications.  You could make $60k a year if you line up your options right.  I think $30-35k is more realistic though.  That’s still plenty to live comfortably in Seoul.

wonjaexhwang asked: Great fits! On another note, are you drinking soju with banana milk? hahaha

Haha yeah, it’s my good friend’s combo!  You drink the soju first then banana milk.  It’s great!

ordinarylunch asked: yo brah you live in k-land so i figured i'd ask if you'd ever heard of a brand called 'back number'. just got a p nice jacket at a consignment store for $35 and the garment tag is in korean, but i can't find anything online abt them

Probably just one of many, many small Korean brands that usually are web stores.  I never heard of it to be honest, sorry about that!

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite brand of plain white Ts and V-necks?

Uniqlo underwear in XL.  I hot wash it to shrink then it’s a perfect fit.  Thanks to Drew from TOJ about that.  It’s a bit too thin so it’s best with a jacket.

Anonymous asked: Great blog. I stopped by the reopened Uniqlo in Gangnam today and I wanted to pick up some of the black raw denim (99k won), but have no idea how much it will stretch. Do you happen to know?

Thanks, wish I could tell you anything about the raws.  I only wear the T-000 which never comes in raw.  I’m guessing, but not sure that you should be fine as long as it feels a bit tight brand new.  It should shrink a little in the wash then stretch a little more, so that would probably be the best fit.

One thing to keep in mind is that due to the dying process, black is technically shrunk a bit already.  Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Anonymous asked: Have you used music to teach English to your class? Have you ever sung any songs with your students?

Yep all the time if they’re really young.  We sing easy kids songs.


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